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This blog is for people with problems. Mainly technical problems. Hopefully, problems that I’ve run into in the past and typed out whatever solution may have been found.

I often find myself posting the tail-end of (or, really, any specific slice of) a particular problem regardless of its depth. Due to that I suspect (and my stats page confirms) that most new traffic here will come from a desperate search for a solution to problem x, y, or z. However, tech is big, really…big. It amazes me how in depth I can go on the things I know and use, but still suddenly and accidentally browse to a forum about topics that I can’t begin to tell up from down on. They aren’t (necessarily) any more or any less technical, they just aren’t something I’ve dealt with prior to that point. In a way, running into the same problem as someone else predisposes you to a likelihood that there are other areas and problems in common. So maybe some will return to see whatever adventure comes up next.

In either case, I hope you find something here every once and a while that saves you some time, money, or efforts to find new employment.

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